My Sublime Text Setup

Sublime Text is a beautiful editor that will make you fall in love with it. Ever since I started using Sublime Text I started getting way more productive and actually started to enjoy coding. It puts me in the mode to code somehow. Must of the stuff I work on are web base related and I don’t really need the power of an IDE all the time. Not that Sublime Text can’t be made into an IDE with an addition of few plugins but it is already very strong editor right out of the box.

There are so many features hidden under Sublime Text. Getting used to keyboard shortcuts and built in commands may require reading a few articles or watching few videos. Dont you worry I got you covered. I have included a few resources at the bottom of the post that you must check out.

The Initial Setup

Go ahead and download Sublime Text from here:  Sublime Text 2 or Sublime Text 3.

In order to benefit the most from the Sublime Text community and all the tools they have available out there you need to install the Package Control. You can click here to get the latest installation directions:

Sublime Text Plugins

After installing the Package Control, you should be able to browse the package repository. The following are the packages I really find useful myself. Most of these packages work in both versions of the Sublime Text but unfortunately some do not. So don’t panic if you don’t see them in your repository.

Color Highlighter


Is a plugin that helps you preview colors of hex values. It is very handy if you want to see the colors your are working with in your CSS files.

Gutter Color


This plugin puts the preview of the color in the gutter area. Unlike the above plugin you don’t really have to hover over the hex code to see the preview of the color.


Gives you the native color picker tool based on your OS which lets pick color right inside Sublime Text.


Probably the best plugin for increasing your productivity. It allows you to complete tag, css rules, properties, anything with just typing few characters.


Gives you the ability to run a diff on files.


This plugin remedies one area where Sublime text is not good at, creating files and creating them without using the mouse.

Nettuts+ Fetch

An amazing plugin written by the Nettuts+ guys that helps you pull in files into your project. It is great for automating the creation of your projects. For example, anytime you start a new project you might need to download the jQuery or Bootstrap. With this plugin it is just a command away.


A must for anybody. It automates the creation of comment blocks and it is capable of handling many languages.

Snippet Packages

The following packages give you an easier way of completing your code. Very powerful if you get an habit of using them. I am telling you, with Sublime Text you will never have to type the whole thing * HTML * jQuery * Backbone * HTML boilerplate


Needless to say but this package gives you the ability work with GIT within Sublime Text. No need to jump in between the Terminal and your editor.


Gives you the ability to work: create/edit your Gists directly from Sublime. How awesome is that?

Plain Tasks


I love this package. It allows you to create a TODO list for your project right in your project.

Sublime Text Themes

Sublime text already has many themes that it comes with. There are also many themes online. Here is a site where I get my themes from: ColorSublime


Sublime Text is a highly modifiable editor that has a great community of developers behind it. I highly suggest you give it a try because I am confident it will change your life.

Extra Resources

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