It is always a challenge to get your web site tested across different versions of browsers with of course combination of different Operating Systems. Especially if you are also supporting mobile devices it gets out of hand pretty quickly. Regardless of how well a developer/designer you are you need to test your product on the actual device to make sure nothing unanticipated breaks it. I will list some of the browser testing solutions I came across while looking for a solution myself.

The hardest challenge is on the QAs since its a hassle setting up every possible (or at least the majority of) environment to test the product on. I will share a few of the tools, sites, solution I have used to help those who needs it.

  1. You could setup your own Virtual Machines (VMs) I believe this solution gives you the most flexibility for your testing since you can spawn and install any software you want just in minutes. I really like  Oracle Virtual Box to manage VMs. Its super easy to useNow the fun part is creating the VMs to use. Luckily Microsoft has provided us with a bunch of VMs that has different versions of Windows with different versions of Internet Explorer on them. You don’t have to go through the trouble of creating your own and you can just download it on their website: You just choose the VM management software you would like to use and download the specific IE- Windows versions you would like to test. Its as easy as that. asdf

  2. Use Online Services that is just created for this purpose. Here is a list of web services that handles most of the technical detail for you. All you do is just give them the URL of your website and let them fetch it and show you how it looks on any type of browser you can imagine of.
    • Browser Shots is a very strong tool. It is capable of almost any type of browser I can think of
    • Browsera includes a bunch of debugging tools on top just showing you the look of your browser in any given browser which you might find very useful.
    • Lunascape is a free triple engine browser.
    • Testize another tool I have been notified of recently. They support a wide range of devices. Free but limited option is available along side their priced services.
    • Browserling has free and paid versions of their tools giving you wide range of functionality that you might need.
    • SauseLabs very impressive tool. It is even used by very big name sites.
    • BrowserStack saved the best for the last, recommended by many professionals.
  3. IETester This program gives you the ability to quickly access different Internet Explorer versions on your windows machine and it is great if you really want to quickly catch errors. BUT i really don’t find it 100% reliable for production purposes. IETester

  4. It is not enough Here is a list of all the tools you can quickly access.

Let me know if there is any other browser testing solutions you guys came across that works for you.